Skin Care

Our philosophy is very straightforward: Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin! In order for you to see dramatic improvements in the quality of your skin, you must use the correct products and follow-up with recommended skin care procedures in our office. Those who follow our advice to the best of their ability have the healthiest skin for their age and genetics. A multi-pronged approach always gives the best results.

New Client Skincare Consult (30 min) $30*

  • Skincare regimen will be designed just for you.

Product Training (30 min) $30*

  • Learn how to use the products you have or may purchase in the future.

Chemical Peel (30-45 min) $75

  • In-office treatment works with daily skincare products to firm and tighten skin while clearing acneic or blemished skin. It also works to improve and prevent skin discoloration.

Chemical Peel (For Teens) (30 min) $50

  • For more frequent appointments for teens.

*No charge if recommended products are purchased.