Who can benefit from permanent make-up?
People who have an active lifestyle, contacts, a type of visual impairment, allergies, alopecia (absence of hair, eg: eye brows), light colored or thin eyelashes, inability to apply make up easily and scars.
What will I look like after a chemical peel?
Responses to peels vary depending on skin type and how many peels the you’ve had. Most will just have some mild redness of their skin right after the peel that will look like they have a mild sunburn. Over the next several days there may be a fine peeling or scaling of the skin. Very rarely some crusting or scab formation may form and often times there is actually no visible exfoliation. Even without visible peeling or irritation, you will notice that your skin feels softer and smoother. You will also see fading of areas of discoloration.
What can I expect while using Obagi Nu-Derm?
1. Out With The Old (Weeks 1-6)
Expect: Pigmented skin cells to become regulated,
creating amore even toned appearance.
2. In With The New (Weeks 7-12)
Expect: Smoother, softer, clearer skin as normal
healthy cell production begins.
3. Healthy Glow (Weeks 12-18)
Expect: Your skin to be smooth, naturally hydrated,
evenly colored and more resilient.
4. The New You (Lasting results, with maintenance)
Expect: Skin that looks and acts younger and